Friday Night Fights-Robert Guerrero Edition

I used to blog about boxing fights that really intrigued me. Well, for today, I will endorse someone. I have liked boxing for some time. I have also liked to see Christian athletes prevail in sports since I was in high school with our FCA.

A couple years ago I heard a story about a boxer by the name of Robert ‘The Ghost’ Guerrero. I heard of his story one day when checking my email and seeing the side story at my yahoo! account. When hearing it I looked him up, watched fights on youtube and became excited to see a Christian boxer excelling like he has in the ring.

I am also mentioning him now because he has been petitioning to get the May 5th flight with Floyd Mayweather. As a boxing fan my first preference is Mayweather and Pacquiao but since Bob Arum is trying to save his cash cow, that prob won’t happen May 5th. My next choice though is Robert Guerrero. Unfortunatly boxing has gotten so focused on factors that have nothing to do with the sport or the boxers themselves, it has become so focused on the dollar bill. This is sad to see. I would love to see the Ghost get his shot at either Pac-Man or Mayweather but I doubt it for now.

Hopefully we will see boxers actually take on deserving opponents. But for now, we will have to remind ourselves that the glory days are of the past as long as “grown men” stay hidden behind dollar bills.

God wasn’t joking when he said that the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil.

Pac Man and Floyd, make decisions for yourselves(not promoters), man-up and take on the deserving opponents.

It’s sad to say Jim Braddocks wouldn’t have a shot in today’s world because promoters wouldn’t allow it.

Here’s the ghost:



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