My top 5 photos I took for 2011

This may seem self centered but 2011 was a great year for me. I am not much of a photographer. I am no Kennisha Fisher or Cassie Brooks. But I did get to see some cool stuff in 2011 and was excited about these 5 photos I took….

#5 In NewCastle, England

This was random but I really liked how the lighting and color looked. It was almost pitch-black when I took this photo.

#4 Gateway India…

Not a great story here except the fact that I was asked to take a ton of pictures with total strangers because I was an american.

#3 Arthurs Seat, Edinburgh, Scotland

Taken with my camera phone because my camera was dead. 😦 It turned out alright. Just sucked to hike all that way and your camera goes dead.

#2 Bus Station in Mumbai, India   11:59

I really really liked how this turned out. I was walking off, didn’t notice the clock but randomly snapped a shot and this is how it turned out. I was blessed with this one.

#1 Little Giant, Mumbai, India.

I just loved how this photo turned out. The little girl was scared to death of me (understandably) and her father was extremely nice when I asked about taking the photo. It ended up great. My favorite for 2011. It also is notably in front of the Taj Mahal hotel that was attacked in 2008.

What do you all think????

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