Live or let live

It’s a hard thought that we all have to deal with, balancing the view of God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility. Each person comes to a point where they have to make a decision with what they will be doing with their lives.

What do you do if what you want to do won’t bring you any income and you want to provide for your family?

This is the struggle I deal with and throughout history, man has dealt with. Wrestling against the ground. Trying to work hard enough to stand above the rest enough that you can provide for your own.

This is a short post but as I look into the future, I approach it ready to grab the bull by the horns. Tired of waiting, I am going to throw down this burden of worry and pick up the shovel and keep digging. Hustle. Grind.

As a provider, one’s responsibility moves from simply thinking about how to ensure survival for one’s self to thinking about the welfare of those around you.

But above it all I must be in prayer that my father will take care of me. Psalms 37:23-26.

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