Top 5 Album’s of 2011… in my view

The Top 5 Albums of 2011in my opinion…

(Not all of this is Christian, some of these albums have songs that are vulgar but some also are worth hearing the artistry.)

#5 Sufjan Stevens-Age of Adz

This is an album that if you’re a Sufjan fan you either absolutely love it or you absolutely despise it. I didn’t meet anyone in the middle on this one. I put it in my top 5 because I listened to it a good bit. Sufjan released it in October 2010 but I spent 2011 actually listening to it. I valued the different sound out of Sufjan.

#4 Drake-Take Care

To be honest, I still haven’t listened to every track on this record but I really liked the maturity in this compared to his first album. His sophomore release was a little more open then his first album and I feel reflected more honesty in his work.

#3 Shai Linne- The Attributes of God

This is my favorite work of Shai Linnes. I have always been disappointed with his beats and have felt that production has kept him from really showing out. This was amazing because when I listen to these songs, I don’t skip the hooks or intros like I did his earlier stuff.

#2 Weeknd- House of Ballons

A friend introduced me to this and I couldn’t get it off my i-pod. The production is really unique to hip-hop and the singing is on point. This is a truly artistic work where many guys have shied away from creativity.

#1 Bon Iver- Bon Iver

The legendary man of the woods did what many thought might not happen. He exceeded his amazing debut with an actual debut. His first album, you know the one, woods, beard, heartbreak, and log cabin(For Emma Forever Ago). That one. He had an actual album follow that many consider one of the top of the year.  From Holocene to Calgary this album just keeps you where you need to be.  And his music videos are amazing as well. 2011 was musically carried by this album. He put a mediocre year of music on his shoulders.

Honorable Mentions:

Kanye & Jay-Z-Watch the Throne

I haven’t listened to all of it but I have liked what I have heard.

Thi’sl-Beautiful Monster

I liked this album but for some reason didn’t feel there was a track that put it in the next level.

Jaylafe’-Dream Shift

This was a good album with one of the best tracks of the year in my opinion. Rainbow Colored Scar.


And the one I couldn’t feel that everyone seemed to like

Mat Kearney- Young Love

I actually can’t get into it. I don’t know why. It’s just not happening.

This is my top 5 for the year. I might bring some top 5 all-time albums later but this is the first of several top 5’s I’m going to be doing for 2011.

One response to “Top 5 Album’s of 2011… in my view

  1. very ecclectic(sp?) taste Mr.Singleton

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