As I am writing this, I am blessed to be sitting in a room next to about twelve ladies reading scripture, praying and worshipping together. Most of the ladies are orphans and a few are older and living on their own. It’s an awesome site considering the country I am in and the lack of Christians in this country. It is beautiful to hear these prayers in Hindi and the sound of simply a tambourine to compliment these beautiful voices being lifted up.

I have contemplated how to start this initial letter from Mumbai,I have decided so people don’t worry, I will simply post a note of encouragement. When I arrive back in the states I will have several notes I will post examining different experiences. What I can say to this point is, Wow! This place has really struck me and these experiences have been awe-inspiring. I have honestly wept bitterly over many things I have seen that I would love to imagine don’t exist. I have been hurt to see the pain that some have to go through. But I have also been touched to see how God is working here in spite of some terrible circumstances for many people.

A picture to give an idea of where I have been…

3 responses to “Mumbai

  1. You are my guy. Love your heart. Can’t wait to talk about what India has meant to you.

  2. You will never be the same, Mark!

  3. Praying for you brother. Glad to hear that God brought you safely to India. I’m glad that God opened this door for you.

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