India-Prayer III

As I have been asking for prayers regarding this trip, I have become extremely encouraged. I have seen many things working out to make this trip a huge moment in my life. A prayer I am asking for now is regarding some complications I am having in getting a Visa. The trip is coming this Saturday. I will be flying out to Washington DC to attempt to get one. I am asking that as friends and family, you’d pause for a moment to lift this need up as this can be an extremely complicated task.

As well, if you have time, please read the previous 2 India post and pray for those. I believe in the power of prayer. I am praying as well about all of this and know that our father hears the prayers of the righteous. I thank you all for your love, support, prayer and friendship thorughout all of this. Lord willing, I will have a lot to bring back from this time.

I love you all and am thankful for you taking time to read this.
*The picture above is another from my friend, Calebs trip through India. This is actually two guys playing Cricket in the streets of Kolkata.

2 responses to “India-Prayer III

  1. how long r u staying mark? You’ll be in my prayers. May this trup be memorable and may God continue to show you provision.

  2. I’ll be gone for about 9 days. Thanks for praying for me. I am a truly blessed individual.

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