India-Prayer II

As my previous post for prayer informed, if God wills for it, I will be going to India in about two weeks. I will be staying at an orphanage in Mumbai which is the 5th Largest city in the world. India is the second largest most populated country to Japan, which is not much more populated then India. But while Japan and India are far more populated then any of the other countries, India is 1/5 the land mass of Japan which tells you how many people are living in a  small area. With overpopulation and such a large gap between rich and poor, India, has many interesting dynamics that are hard to grasp.

With Mumbai being India’s largest city, I have become very intrigued and also excited to engage into this country, culture and into the lives of some of these people. I hope to be able to bring back stories to share with you. Not just from my experience but from the lives of the many people I will get to meet. Though I know I will be there for a short time, I ask for prayer regarding the saints I will come across in my travels and as well those I will stay with. Pray that my time would be a time of encouragement for our brothers and sisters who are bringing a message of Hope to a place that is dark and desolate.

And lastly, pray for them and remember that there are people who are suffering for the Lord in many countries all over the world, you may not know them now but you will be blessed to worship alongside many of them while in Glory.

Please pray now. It took me 57 seconds to read up to this point. So a little prayer won’t take much longer. Thanks be to God.

*Thanks for another great photo by Caleb Brooks. The child is not by Caleb Brooks but is definitely a cute child to have on this post.

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