India-Prayer 1

Soon, I, prayerfully and if the Lord allows it, am going to Mumbai, India. As one can expect, I am excited. In fact I’d be lying to act as if I am not absolutely ecstatic about it. I am really in hope that things will work well but now I must be asking for prayers. For day 1 of prayers towards India, I am asking for your prayers for the Holy Spirit to be drawing and stirring in peoples lives that I will get to encounter. My prayer is that the Spirit would go ahead of me and prepare hearts of the people I might come across that the gospel would begin to take root and shape inside each of their lives.

I will be staying at an Orphanage and working in the slums in Mumbai. I will only be gone for a week so I must take full advantage of my time while I am there.

So my first prayer that I am asking for today is simply that the Spirit would be stirring in the hearts of the people I would get to meet. More prayer request are on there way, I just wanted to walk through this.

(The pic, my friend, Caleb Brooks took while in India, if you ever want a good experience, friend him on facebook and look at his pictures from his travels. Amazing! my favorite is the album, ‘Jaunt’.)

**And a “Don’t be that guy” request…

Don’t be that guy…that reads this and doesn’t pray. I fall into that category many times. Sometimes I will be that guy that hears of a prayer request and uses a Christian bumpersticker phrase and doesn’t pray for it.
So please don’t be that guy. Thanks!

One response to “India-Prayer 1

  1. Caleb Brooks

    I love you with an everlasting love.

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