Jock Thots

1. I called the Grizzlies over the Spurs before the series started with or without Ginobli. And I love it.

2. Early 2000’s Shane Mosley might have a shot at Manny Pacqiao, 2011 Shane has no shot in the world.

3. I went from cheering for the 76ers to now the C’s. Yes. I am straight up cheering for the loss of the Heat and I got no problem with it.

4. Unlike the analysts who say the Spurs as they are are done, I disagree. I think Pop and the management will figure out how to save face with what they have to compete again next year.

5. There goes our hot start, Reds drop to 14-14 for the season thus far.

6. Colts go to work in the trenches with this years draft picks(Meaning they drafted linemen) and it couldn’t make me more proud. Building that interior is so needed to give Peyton a couple more years.

7. I am pumped about College Football coming up. Louisville should be even more exciting this year as we escape the Kragthorpe era of recruiting.

8. Oh yeah, and we got a solid baseball team, I would just be lying to act like I follow their season until the postseason.

9. Looks like Phil Jackson will get a shot at ring # 12. That’s crazy. And one more time, thank you for flexing Ron Artest.

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