God, be merciful to me, a sinner!

God, I am sorry for the autrocities I have done. Lord, I have sinned against you and committed an act directly against the teachings of your son, Jesus. Lord, I am sorry. Please have mercy on my negligence, arrogance, hate and pride in regards to this situation.

God, I have ignored your poor. I have ignored those in and out of the church that have little or nothing to their name. I know of your commands to love and give to them. I know you have a gospel message that has changed my life. I am sorry for not spreading that change to others in this world. Lord, I ask you to forgive me for all of the sin in my life but especially for what I have run from as of late, and that’s ministering the good news of Jesus to those who don’t have much to put in a giving basket.

God, I am a wretched, proud and ignorant man. I was a bastard before you grabbed me out of the gutter. Yet, I forget of the fate that should have been my own, poor and destitute. I have become so consumed with things in my life that I have ignored those whom need you in the process. I have been consumed with school and work and forgot about those in my surroundings who are hell bound and needing your love. Jesus, forgive me for being self consumed.

As well, God, forgive me for seeking the american nightmare. Trading peace and joy for the idols of financial capability and comfort. I have bought the used car and feel as fake as the salesman who sold it to me. I have believed the lies that were sold to me for the price of my personal convictions. God I have sinned and I need you. I need Jesus.

Please, Jesus, help me to be more like you. Help me to love those who hate me. Help me to not only give my cloak but also my tunic. Help me to see people with the eyes that you did. God I pray and plead with you over my Jerusalem, Louisville Ky. Please bring our city under your mercy, Lord. Please show the grace to call many people of this city to you. Please, Lord, help me to weep over this city’s distance from you and to see that the kingdom work being done in this city would move forward during my lifespan.

You are good but I pray that I, and others, would not test your patience or mercy on us. I pray we would remember the poor. We would stand up for the poor and against those seeking to oppress. And help us to love you in the process.

I needed this moment with you, God.

Your son, Mark

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