D. Rose-Best be the MVP

There is not a question. I don’t care who you want to cheer for more or who you like watching more. The MVP this year must go to Derek Rose. The interesting thing is that every thing he lacks compared to the other candidates is characteristics that we say we don’t appreciate. He’s not nearly as arrogant as the others. He’s not nearly as selfish of a scorer as many other scoring guards. His leadership is not based on vocally tearing down or embarrassing his teammates. Instead he leads by….get this, he leads by his example of simply outworking everybody else. The Chicago Bulls just locked up the top of the Eastern Conference for the first time since the magical 72-10 season. His teammates aren’t bad but also aren’t D-Wade and Chris Bosh.

I simply am saying all of this because with all of those who are gone off LeBron, his contribution isn’t nearly as viable as what Rose has done with the Bulls.

So his name isn’t one that people want. He isn’t as cocky. Isn’t as rash. Not as big of a jerk. Doesn’t feel as entitled. And this all explains to me why I think that the MVP will go elsewhere. I hope not. I hope it goes to who deserves it but as we have seen in the past (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1-_XylqHwc) that doesn’t always happen.

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