Friday Night Fights…or my excuse for posting about boxing

Jack Johnson vs. Jim Jeffries

Jim Jeffries had refused to give Jack Johnson a title shot for years. As Johnson had become the number one contender, Jeffries felt that the World Championship should never be given to a black man. Jeffries retired as the Champion and ignored Johnson’s consistent efforts to get a title bout. Johnson eventually won the title after Jeffries retirement. After a couple years of attempts to find the “Great White Hope”, Jeffries finally was talked into coming back into the ring to save the dignity of the white race and the world Championship.

As you’ll see the outcome in the Youtube Video, Jeffries never had much of a shot. Johnson pummeled Jeffries. Later Jeffries admitted that he never would have a shot at beating Johnson even in his best day. The outcome of this fight brought race riots all across the country.

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