Shamrocks and the Trinity

On the upcoming holiday, Saint Patrick’s Day, I wanted to give a brief history lesson on Saint Patrick and a song I wrote a while back.

I was surprised to find that Patrick was neither Irish nor Catholic. He was actually apart of the Celtic church and was British. The Celtic church was noted to have been born late in the 4th century, Saint Patrick had come to Ireland not on his own accord. In fact, he was a 16-year-old picked up to be a slave. After more than six years as a slave, Patrick escaped.

According to his writing, a voice-which he believed to be God’s-spoke to him in a dream, telling him it was time to leave Ireland. His escape included a 200 mile walk back to Britain. After he escaped back to Britain, it’s reported that he had a second dream that had revealed to him a return back to Ireland as a missionary. He spent 15 years training to do this mission.

Returning to the island that had been the place of his bondage, he came spreading Christianity. The spread had been well enough that when many other missionaries had come, they had not expected to find it as established as it was.

As well, oral tradition holds that he used the Shamrock to teach the trinity. Because of this, I posted a song I had written several years back about the trinity. This song was taking a look at acknowledging the goodness of each person in the Godhead.



I stand up on my feet and reach for heights I can’t see

I stand before you now because of love that rescued me

You saw the crash before it came and cleansed my heart through the stains

My father, my God, you’ve made this man I am today

It’s been the heck of a journey and hell I will fight

My eyes stay ahead through Darkness and the night

When one looks at his life in times of trouble and fears

they look back to you because you might be near

I was a bastard before I fell into your hands

Thankfully as a father you taught me how to be a man

I move on in my life through the highs and lows

I won’t wait too late until your gate is closed

I’ve seen struggle

I’ve seen pain

I’ve seen problems work day-to-day

My Father My God

Your love still remains

Through our sin, and through our shame

It’s kinda ironic that you came as a dove

Because peacefully you came and showed me some love

You’ve been evident in my life while remaining Crystal clear

I try to grab the reigns yet I want you to steer

Though I might struggle and want to go my own way

You’ve always led me right and never left me astray

Peaceful times make this rhyme so much more

I’ve got a peace of mind for your fruits that are in store

It’s a piece of you that I find in me

Like you said to Paul, I’m free to have peace

This peace causes me to acknowledge what matters most

Like the Father, Son and you, the holy ghost

I’ve seen struggle

I’ve seen pain

I’ve seen problems work day-to-day

Holy Spirit My God

Your love still remains

Through all our sin, and through all our shame

There’s a question to me, it’s kinda hard to understand

How is it God can come down to be a man?

How can a God, perfect none-the-less,

take the form of a human who knows pain and has a flesh?

You being the savior came down to our level

Worked the same land, fought the same devil

Drank the same water, ate the same bread,

Dealt with same trials but remained spirit led

Mocked by the same haters, same looks all the time

Looked at as a criminal yet no fault and no crime.

You conquered it all, with the wood of a tree

Waited just a several, and then you’d leave

I’ve seen struggle

I’ve seen pain

I’ve seen problems work day-to-day

My Jesus My God

Your love still remains

Through all our sin, and through all our shame

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