Pac, Illuminati and Jesus

There is something mesmerizing about conspiracy theories. From the thought that we didn’t originally land on the moon to the ‘Blood Sacrifice’ video’s that argue different hip-hop stars ascensions to fame have been due to secret societies and human sacrifices that they have made. Though some conspiracy theories can be extremely intriguing and others can be absolutely ridiculous, they undoubtedly raise some thought-provoking questions.

While working at an after school youth program, several youth attempted to convince me that Tupac Shakur is still tupac-shakur-facts[1]alive with the Notorious BIG. Though I believe that neither are alive, I found it interesting how fond of conspiracy theories we are.

Many people believe that September 11th was all a big set-up. There are others who believe that Bill Clinton assassinated his associates that were getting in the way of his career. Some believe that the JFK, Malcolm X, MLK Jr., Tupac, Biggie, Kurt Cobain and other deaths were all set-up. There is something intriguing about conspiracy Theories.

notable-alleged-illuminati-members[1]Some people believe that the rap artist, Jay-Z is apart of the Illuminati. What the Illuminati is? I’m really not sure. But I know that people start tripping out hard when you mention Jay-Z and any secret society. There are youtube video’s galore.

I guess where I’m getting is that we are intrigued as a people over conspiracy theories. A lot of this is because we know the sinfulness of the human heart (Jer. 17:9-10). We know that governments are flawed systems and we know that we each struggle with a love of money, power and fame (POD’s ‘Hollywood’, and 1 Jn 2:15-16). So with our understanding of sin being in each one of us (Rom 3:23), it is hard for us to trust the set systems or structures we see in our lives like government.

With all of this being said, my point to this post is simple, there is something intriguing with conspiracy theories. But I think that this same mindset is connected to the cross of Jesus. When Jesus was resurrected from the dead, there were those who doubted. We all know of the disciple Thomas who doubted until he had seen and felt the wounds of his savior (John 20). We also know of different arguments that have been made through history to discount Jesus death and resurrection. We know of many who have attempted to negate the claims of Jesus being not only the savior of the world, but God in human flesh. But time and time again, his claims as being one with the father (John 10:30), and being the great ‘I am’ (John 8:48-59) have lasted.

For the sake of keeping this from being too long, I’ll leave those as my examples. I won’t even hit on all of the different attempts to attack Jesus (DaVinci Code, Jesus Seminar and more) for being God in human flesh who really died and really came back to life.

I enjoy studying different conspiracy theories. I enjoy reading and watching the different arguments that seek to provide the truth. But in all of this, we must seek the truth. We must seek the real stories of what have happened. Just because a youtube video is found supporting an argument or something is found on google doesn’t mean it is valid information. When it comes to Jesus, we must seek to understand the real man who walked this earth 2000 years ago instead of making him into who we want him to be. Our source for finding out about this man is in the Holy Scriptures that he loved and aligned his own life with (Mt. 5:17, Luke 24:27, Mt. 23:35, Jn. 17:17). And within those scriptures, we will come to know the savior of our souls.

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