Do you feel me?

(Video has nothing to do with the post, but nevertheless a great video)

Growing up in South Louisville, there is one thing that I came to love, and though not very good, came to cling to in times where life would begin to not make sense. That’s simply the sport of basketball. Just by growing up in Kentucky during the late 90’s, it was guaranteed you’d know several Kentucky players as well the coaches of Kentucky(The highest paid position in our state is the head coach of UK) and Louisville. While young, awkwardly developing in height and weight, I began playing this sport. I’d play at my church, school basketball courts and local parks. Though I wasn’t a good ball player, I enjoyed what was happening during this process of tossing a leather ball towards a metal cylinder. There was a camaraderie being developed between myself and the other people playing. I could play basketball with guys and if we saw each other at the mall, we’d definitely talk about stuff that doesn’t relate to basketball. It amazed me how friendships and brotherhoods would be started simply by participating in such a simple game together. Yet if I had Sunday school with someone, it would be no rarity to ignore them when seeing them out.

I noticed something similar to that today while at the mall with a friend named Luke. We were at a music shop. I am not a very good guitar player and can be shy in some instances, but Luke has no ‘shame in his game’. He knows no stranger. So of course, once he saw a guy playing guitar, he grabbed another guitar and asked to join him. These two dudes who never met, began to play and make some awesome music. After the jam session had closed, they talked briefly, discussed playing more and exchanged phone numbers to try to play again.

A third circumstance, though a different situation, struck me in a similar way. While at church, the lady sitting next to me began to cry during one of the songs. I struggled on what to do because I didn’t want to console if a males consoling would be inappropriate, yet I also knew that obviously she was struggling with something. The lady sitting in front of me had a baby in her arms. So she looked towards the woman in tears and handed her the baby. It was obvious that they didn’t know each other based on interactions before and after the service. The woman calmed down really quick while simply holding and looking into that babies eyes. I sat next to her astonished. I couldn’t believe how much frustration she could forget about while looking at this small child. It honestly amazed me. I can’t explain how or why that baby calmed and comforted that woman so much. But I can’t deny the very obvious love that the woman felt by holding the little girl.

I guess where I am going with all of these situations is in human interaction. We are a people who are connected by being made in the image of God. The ways that we connect with each other are extremely diverse but our make-up is undeniably the same. Our desire for love is clear and evident with each tear and laugh that we release while remaining in this world.

As Christ not only had relationships with his disciples, he had deep relationships with people who needed him. He engaged into their lives and accepted their humanity though called them to repentance of their sins. Are we who know Jesus following in his footsteps of loving and engaging into the lives of non-believers or are we attempting to shut ourselves from anything that appears worldly. Which in essence, causes us to shut all people out who don’t look or act like us.

Matthew 9:9-13 is really cool.

Love you friends and family,

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